Honors & Awards

Dr. Subhash Pandey receives the University Scholar Award

UICDR member Dr. Subhash Pandey has been awarded the prestigious University Scholar Award from the University of Illinois at Chicago’s Office of Faculty Affairs.

The University Scholars Award is awarded to outstanding faculty members who have demonstrated superior performance in scholarly activities in both research and teaching and who show great promise for future achievements.

Dr. Pandey is the Director, Center for Alcohol Research in Epigenetics and Professor of Biochemistry in Psychiatry at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Medicine. Additionally, he is a nationally and internationally recognized leading neuroscientist in the alcohol addiction field and has contributed significantly towards a better understanding of the neurobiology of alcoholism. His research has uncovered several epigenetic mechanisms activated by alcohol that can modify gene expression and leave lasting effects on the developing adolescent brain.

The goal of Dr. Pandey’s research program is to better understand the molecular and epigenetic mechanisms of alcohol addiction and comorbid psychiatric disorders such as anxiety.


Ghanshyam Pandey chosen as UIC Distinguished Professor

Professor Ghanshyam Pandey has been chosen as UIC Distinguished Professor, 2020-2021.

The title of UIC Distinguished Professor is one of the highest academic honors for faculty at the University of Illinois at Chicago. The appointment was created to recognize faculty members who have made a significant impact on their field through scholarship, creativity and leadership.                                               

Dr. Pandey has been a Professor of Pharmacology in the Department of Psychiatry since 1981 and is Director of Mood Disorders and Suicide Research Program. His research focuses on neurobiology of mood disorders (bipolar illness and depression), schizophrenia and suicide. Dr. Pandey is nationally and internationally renowned expert on biochemical abnormalities associated with mood disorders and suicide.

Throughout his distinguished career he has produced a broad array of pioneering studies that have had a direct impact on the understanding and treatment of mood disorders.