Pioneering Research

Dr. Jenna Duffecy at UI CDR Nominated for Social Innovation Award

For the past 14 years, the Chicago Innovation Awards has recognized inventors, entrepreneurs, startups, and established companies alike in an effort to make Chicago a hub of innovation. Created by the Chicago Sun-Times and Kuczmarski & Associates in 2002, the Chicago Innovation Awards recognizes 10 Chicago area businesses, nonprofits, and government organizations that develop the year’s most innovative new products and services.

01/09/2017 14:01:45 PM
Team Science

UI Center on Depression & Resilience Launches Interdisciplinary Initiative for Perinatal Depression

Sunnyside for Moms, a new initiative at the UI Center on Depression & Resilience (UI CDR) combines cutting edge technology, enhanced mental health outreach efforts, and new opportunities to identify blood biomarkers for depression in an effort to help African American moms from low-income communities identify, manage, and treat perinatal depression. This is the kind of multidisciplinary approach integral to the UI CDR designation as part of the National Network of Depression Centers. It is the future of medicine and it is happening here.

01/09/2017 14:01:20 PM