Community Outreach

A Radically Different Approach: Schools as a New Kind of Mental Health Clinic

Thirteen years after a landmark U.S. Surgeon General's report characterized the lack of adequate mental health services for children as a "serious concern," those services remain widely unavailable in low-income, inner-city neighborhoods. Some 80% of uninsured youth who require treatment don't receive any, and services for the other 20% are often of questionable quality.

03/09/2017 13:03:20 PM
Community Outreach

UI CDR Partners With Kennedy Forum for "A New Paradigm" in Mental Health

University of Illinois Center on Depression & Resilience (UI CDR) honored to cosponsor the Kennedy Forum & Gala Event in Chicago, which brought together more than 500 people. The aim of the event, titled “A New Paradigm,” was to advance the Forum in its mission to end stigma around mental health and substance use disorder, while revolutionizing the way mental health care is addressed in America.

01/09/2017 08:01:04 AM