All of our Department of Psychiatry researchers are motivated by the desire to help individuals dealing with depression and other mood disorders.  We are driven by new ways to understand, identify and treat depression. It is this desire to work with people that fuels our passion and it is people who fuel our research.   

Whether you’re an individual who has experienced depression or other mood disorders, or an individual who is touched by the plight of those who have dealt with depression there are ways for you to help. 

What should you know about participating in research:

Before any of our doctors can reach out to the public to ask for your time, effort participation, or images of your brain, they first must have their research approved by an Internal Review Board  (IRB) which is overseen by the Office for the Protection of Research Subjects (OPRS).  This OPRS is tasked with one goal: ensuring the safety of anyone who might be a part of the research project.  While no study is 100% free from risk, the IRB monitors that any potential risks are minimized and that the benefits of the research outweigh the potential risks. 

For research participants, the benefits are not often easily or quickly identified.  Depending on the research, some individuals may receive free or low-cost treatment for their mood disorder, others simply appreciate knowing that they’ve contributed to the ‘big picture’ of depression.  Some people learn more about their disorder and how to cope with it, while others enjoy being a part of innovative, cutting edge scientific research.  No matter the individual’s experience, our researchers cannot say enough Thank You’s to those who contribute.


Below are the list of our current research studies that you can participate.