Xiaohong Joe Zhou PhD , DABR

Professor of Radiology Neurosurgery and Bioengineering
Chief Medical Physicist
Director of 3T MR Research Program
Director of MR Physics

Dr. Zhou is a Professor of Radiology, Neurosurgery, and Bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He also serves as Director of the 3T MR Research Program of UIC’s Center for MR Research and Chief Medical Physicist of the UIC Hospital. Dr. Zhou holds 35 US or international patents on numerous MRI technologies, and is a co-author of a popular MRI book – “Handbook of MRI Pulse Sequences”. His recent research has focused on diffusion imaging and its applications to studying tissue microstructural changes in cancer and neuropsychiatric disorders. He is also active in developing novel imaging techniques to improve spatial resolution and sensitivity for neuroimaging at high field.