Scott A. Langenecker

Scott A. Langenecker PhD

Professor of Psychiatry
University of Utah

Dr. Langenecker is a clinical neuropsychologist, and neuroimaging specialist who focuses on the translational neuroscience of mood disorders. His goal is to contribute to work defining the neural circuits leading to the development and perseveration of depression and related mood disorders, as well as prediction of treatment response. 

Current work by Dr. Langenecker, funded by two grants from the NIMH, focuses on mood disorders in the remitted state. The first study is designed to predict recurrence of depression using performance and neural circuit markers. The second study is assisting in defining key neural and performance markers of mood disorders and how they may have shared and unique features across many mood disorders.Dr. Langenecker directs an adolescent mood disorders neuropsychology clinic, specializing in adaptive transitions from adolescence to adulthood, treatment optimization, and identification of strengths and weaknesses to assist in care for mood disorders and comorbid conditions. 

EMAIL:slangen [at]