Jenna Duffecy

Jenna Duffecy PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

Dr. Duffecy is an Associate Professor in Clinical Psychiatry and the Director of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Services and Research in the Adult Mood Disorders program at UIC. She treats patients in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders clinic while also providing training and supervision to residents and interns in cognitive behavioral therapy.  Her research involves the use of technology such as the web, tablets and smartphones to deliver interventions that overcome barriers to care and increase access to evidence based therapies.  Much of her work focuses on increasing the impact of interventions through improving adherence to treatment. She specializes in the treatment and prevention of depression in a variety of populations including adults, adolescents and perinatal women. 

PHONE:(312) 413-1225EMAIL:jduffecy [at]