Alex Leow

Alex Leow MD , PhD

Professor in Psychiatry and Bioengineering
University of Illinois Chicago

Joining the University in 2009, Dr. Leow received clinical training in Psychiatry and research training in biomedical imaging, both at UCLA. Having co-authored more than 70 articles, Dr. Leow's current research interests focus on developing novel probabilistic reconstruction, tractography, and network analyses techniques for high angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI) and their clinical applications. Prior to joining the faculty of the Departments of Psychiatry and Bioengineering at UIC, Dr. Leow was affiliated with the Laboratory of NeuroImaging (LONI) at UCLA, and developed several key high-dimensional non-linear image registration techniques. Dr. Leow continues to collaborate extensively with Professor Paul Thompson at LONI, Drs. Lori Altshuler and Jamie Feusner at the Department of Psychiatry at UCLA, Prof. Tony Simon at UC Davis, and Prof. Moo Chung at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with joint projects investigating a wide range of neuropsychiatric illnesses including bipolar, late-life depression, Alzheimer's disease, body dysmorphic disorder, Fragile-X syndrome, and diabetes-related neuroimaging abnormalities. Besides research, Dr. Leow enjoys playing classical piano as both an amateur soloist and a chamber musician. Dr. Leow currently performs, as a piano trio, with another physician scientist Dr. Jennifer Goldman (violin) at Rush University and Grammy award winning Chicago Symphony Orchestra cellist (now retired) Donald Moline.

Dr. Leow's solo performance at the 2011 Van Cliburn Amateur piano competition

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