UIC App Designed to Track Bipolar Disorder Wins Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Mood Challenge for Research Kit

Doctor Alex Leow, associate professor of psychiatry in the UIC College of Medicine and associate professor of bioengineering and computer science, and Peter Nelson, professor of computer science and dean of the UIC College of Engineering, discussed their award-winning app, BiAffect, on Chicago Tonight.

The app, which unobtrusively measures iPhone metadata including keystroke dynamics, use of spell check and engagement with social media platforms, can predict manic and depressive episodes in people with bipolar disorder. It was announced on May 16 that the app won the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded Mood Challenge for Research Kit. Leow and Nelson will receive a $200,000 prize to continue to develop the app and launch it in the App Store.


Alex Leow

Alex Leow MD PhD

Joining the University in 2009, Dr. Leow received clinical training in Psychiatry and research training in biomedical imaging, both at UCLA. Having co-authored more than 70 articles, Dr. Leow's current research interests focus on developing novel probabilistic reconstruction, tractography, and ne ...