New Book Raises Suicide Awareness For UI CDR

BookAn emotionally riveting memoir from local author Ally Golden, A Good Soldier, perfectly captures the isolation and pain that can come from having a loved one with a mental illness. When Ally Golden heads off to college, she breathes a sigh of relief; she is ready to discover herself, independent of her mother, who suffers from severe depression and borderline personality disorder. Golden approached UI CDR with a unique partnership to use the book to bring attention to this devastating illness.

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention board member Nancy Perlson, LCSW stated that it was a “brave and unflinching portrayal of the struggle” and Psychology Today called it an “extraordinarily therapeutic book.” UI CDR is honored to be partnering on the book and helping to raise awareness of the impact of mental health and suicide.   

Suicide is the 10th leading cause of death in America claiming 44,193 lives each year. Authentic depictions of how struggles with mental illness affect loved ones and family members are rare, so a find like A Good Soldier helps illustrate the reality of these experiences in a meaningful way.