Executives’ Club of Chicago Nominates UI CDR as “INNOVATOR OF THE YEAR”

UI CDR is honored to be nominated for Executives’ Club of ChicagoInnovator of the Year” award. 

Since 2013, this honor has been awarded to an individual or company in greater Chicago whose new product, service, process or business model has resulted in organic growth and measurable economic benefit to the region.

Depression costs an estimated $210 billion a year and continues to rise, UI CDR has organized departments, research centers, and clinical groups across campus to accelerate research saving money and lives. Networked with likeminded centers throughout the country who share this same vision to realize tomorrow’s medicine today (learn more about the NNDC). UI CDR is predicated on a multifaceted approach that considers epigenetics, neuroscience, blood biomarkers, systemic issues, and other methods together—a team science approach—as the only way of understanding, treating, and beating depression. In this way, we are committed to new strategies, new treatments, novel approaches to the most vexing mental health issues of our time.

Executives' Club of Chicago

While the Executives’ Club of Chicago will be considering the entire portfolio of UI CDR’s innovative research here are three pioneering examples worth noting that are achieving results:

This award emphasizes and strengthens connections between emerging companies and the established business community, which is one of the primary objectives of The Club’s Innovation Council. Past recipients of the Executives’ Club of Chicago “Innovator of the Year” Award, include Impact Engine, LanzaTech, Dr. Srinivas Veeramasuneni, and INVENTABLES.  This year’s recipient will be named in June.


Mark Rasenick

Mark Rasenick PhD

Dr. Rasenick’s work has focused on G protein signaling in the nervous system and the relationship of neurotransmitter activation to rapid modification of the cytoskeleton.  He has been particu ...

Alex Leow

Alex Leow MD PhD

Joining the University in 2009, Dr. Leow received clinical training in Psychiatry and research training in biomedical imaging, both at UCLA. Having co-authored more than 70 articles, Dr. Leow's cur ...

Jenna Duffecy

Jenna Duffecy PhD

Dr. Duffecy is a Professor of Clinical Psychiatry in the Mood and Anxiety Disorders program at UIC. She serves as the director of UIC Resiliency Center for Student Wellbeing as well as the Director ...

Pauline Maki

Pauline Maki PhD

For over 20 years, Dr. Pauline M. Maki has led a program of NIH-funded research focused on the role of sex steroid hormones on cognition, mood, brain function (neuroimaging) and stress responsivity ...