Emotional Disorders May Have Similar Brain Abnormalities

Researchers from University of Illinois Chicago used MRI imaging to study disorders such as depression and social anxiety disorders. The study stems from the recognition that similar treatments help multiple disorders and that almost all emotional disorders involve persistent negative thinking.


Scott A. Langenecker

Scott A. Langenecker PhD

Dr. Langenecker is a clinical neuropsychologist, and neuroimaging specialist who focuses on the translational neuroscience of mood disorders. His goal is to contribute to work defining the neural c ...

Olusola Ajilore

Olusola Ajilore MD PhD

Dr. Ajilore's research goal is to understand the pathophysiology of major depressive disorder in the context of medical co-morbidities and late life using novel magnetic resonance imaging technique ...

Lisanne Jenkins

Lisanne Jenkins PhD

Dr. Jenkins research interests include emotion and social neuroscience, clinical neuropsychology, emotion and the self in psychopathology, behavioural neurology, neurocircuitry of reward, the ...